Driving Your Date Away 101: Part II

26. I don’t have anger issues. I just need you to not make me want to staple your balls!!! 😡
27. You remind me of a retarded girl I once knew…. :/
28. Umm does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
29. FLAAAAAT!!! ***rolls eyes***
30. You’re Jewish? Didn’t Hitler take care of you people?!
31. ***gives his penis a name*** Hows my princess doing? 😀
32. How do you feel staying in a room filled with stuffed animals?
33. On top of stuffed animals?
34. With stuffed animals?
35. Inside of stuffed animals?
36. I’m sorry what’s your name again? I was thinking about weddings and kinda zoned out.
37. LOL.
38. If I was a woman, I’d be lesbian with you. ❤
39. I’m not the type of person that likes commitment.
40. Ofcourse I’m an animal in bed! You have to pet me. In everything.***poker face***  ***death stare***
41. Hey wanna hear a funny rape joke? XD
42. So I have a flight tonight. To Nepal. I’ll call in around six months.
43. Please don’t tell me you have that “three dates to sex” policy!
44. I’ve always wanted to get married at 21 and have four kids, one dog, two cats and a parrot.
45. Your hands have more hair than a baby gorilla! (Especially to the girl)
46. ***total silence***
47. My job? Oh I’m the CIA. Just kidding…I’m only a National spy. From Pakistan. Oh and an assasin. ***colgate smile***
48. I was in the girl scouts.
49. I have abandonment issues. Please never leave me!!! 😥
50. ***hangs a spoon on the nose***

So thats all for part II.
The final part will be out soon
Thankyou for reading 😀
***weird wink***
(Ps. Thats also something you should not do…just saying :p )


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