Driving Your Date Away 101: Part III

51. ***goes down on one knee and proposes with a plastic toys-r-us ring***
52. Daymmmm that girl’s HAWWTT ***checks out every girl after that***
53. I wear superman underwear (i mean seriously?! Superman is like the worst hero under the face of the sun. Are you trying to give me some message?!)
54. So do you mind if my friends stop by later? They don’t believe I scored you.
55. My exes think I was too high maintenence…I just don’t think they loved me enough…
56. You women can’t handle much of alcohol. You don’t need a smirn off. Here; try a natural light baby. (Especially never ever ever  say that to the guy XD)
57. I’m going to make you squeal like a pig; except I’ll take my time in skinning you 😀
58. What do you do when you live in a shoe and ain’t got no sexy? Oh shit! I mean what do you do when you do it in a shoe and ain’t got no soul? Oh fuck! Just let me do you now? Please?
59. ***when he is naked*** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude that’s priceless!!!
60. Oh my mom would LOVE to meet you!! 😀
61. Aah my foot! The fungus just keeps getting worse! I mean you know how they are!
62. ***big baby picture as wallpaper*** (that’s scary)
63. Yeah we should definately do this more often. Maybe some time I’d even make you meet with my wife/husband (oh there’s more. Wife for girl and husband for guy)
64. ….and my dad is into rifle shooting. He’s the best shot in town although I really think he should get that moustache off. It’s so big! :/
65. Wow. Sounds like you really don’t have fun.
66. I just had Mexican.
67. THE POWER OF GOD COMMANDS THEE!!!!! (Friendly tip: unless you want to scare your date away; try avoid screaming) :p
68. ***total silence***
69. Since it’s point #69; no 69 jokes. (Haha ooops :p )
70. Crap I think I forgot my wallet… (yeah im sure you forgot)
71. Chivalry is just downright stupid; okay woman?! Don’t you ever expect me to pull a chair for you cause if I am pulling a chair opening doors for someone; it’s only to make the other person fall from the chair or slam the door on their faces. Now; do you want me to pull a damn chair or open doors for you?!?!?! >:O (like I said; try not scaring your date away :p )
72. Yeah and then they get a cow bowel with some pork meat and pig blood, soy beans and god knows what…and viola! You have a sausage! Pretty cool right? Want another hot dog? 😀 (I personally would even throw away the one I was eating)
73. So where do you see our relation going? (Its the damn first date. It isn’t “going” unless you ask him that. Cause if you do; baby its long gone.)
74. Yuck this is was worse than living with my mom. Hahahah after this; I might not move out now XD
75. ***burps loudly*** (reference to point 66)

And there you have it; the end of the ‘Driving your date away 101’series. Thankyou 😀


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