How To Annoy People


Is that your idea of work, school or just everyday? Lucky for you I happen to hold a mom proclaimed degree in annoying the life out of people. So here’s me to the rescue
***dramatic superhero music***


1. Twitch while staring at someone
2. Make beeping noises when a huge person backs up
3. Call 911 for a date (HA! dont ever do that)
4. Borrow a pen and chew on it
5. Go to an opera and try singing louder than the orchestra
6. Fight with the kids at a toy store
7. While at a party with a baby; ask the parents for a diaper and stuff nutella in it and leave it next to a garbage can. Remove it a while later saying “hey look what i found” and eat it.
8. Wear so much of perfume as though a perfume tank overturned on you
9. “What? Im sorry what?why? Huh? I really dont get it…how? WHAAAT?!?!?!” thats your Bible while on the phone
10. Ask a poet why his poems dont rhyme (if you have a death by dorky words death wish)
11. Book and movie spoilers SCREAM IT OUTTTT
12. Have an annoying ringtone and leave it on the highest volume in class while telling your mom you’re smoking weed XD
13. Set alarms for random times and leave it on somebody’s bed and go sleep


14. Pay with pennies and do it especially slow
15. Say LOL or OMG a LOT -.-
16. Tie bells on your neck
17. Drive round and round on purpose when you’re getting late to annoy your friends or mom and then claim you’re lost
18. Keep insisting there’s a “shadow”
19. Talk in a horribly fake accent
20. Everything is “hoot” pay attention and remember that. Its your life motto.
21. Speak in a high pitched voice every two lines especially when people dont expect it.
23. Stare at people’s food while they eat
24. Dye the pool blue so people don’t realise it and come out fully blue for a week.
25. Climb on a table; gasp, point up and scream. Notice how many people look up horrified. Maybe get someone to click their photos.



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