Frost and hail echoed through the mountains; shivering my bones and making the fire burn brighter in my veins. As I sung this song of a broken soul; I was Fire and Ice.
                   Beads of sweat glistened on my temples while I wept my bleeding emptiness out by the side of soot and ash. I wept; with parched lips, wild hair and cuts all across my body. I wept; for what seemed a Millenia. I wept- blood.
                 The path of a Traveller is all but Human. I sung my song- the raw Wailing of a mortal. And as I sung this song, His raw, deep voice channeled through me like an echo. There I asked- and poured my soul like a drop in an ocean. His smile answered even my unsaid questions.
                  Thunder boomed in the skies above- or below- for I knew not where I stood; and with that pouring of an endless rain came dew from His eyes. Unnerved; I could only stare- stare; at the form of the million souls separating from Him. He wept Souls. As I sang my song, the angels and mortals cried alike. I sung to Him- that very tune carved into my burning self as everyone wept.
                       I opened my eyes which were clearer than ever before to the rain beyond my window and saw my trembling, unsteady body. I was shivering as beads of sweat glistened on my temples. With fingers charred, I touched a drop. Dried tears were sewn on my face with bonds Immortal.


18 thoughts on “Hymn

  1. Krishnaaaa its such an awesome post ! Its just soothing which brought a smile on my face ! Luv u dear ! Keep up this beautiful talent! ♡♥♥☆★ Shine on !

  2. I read it a dozen times to understand your language. It’s a wonder how you make simple words so deep. None of the words actually require a dictionary and yet; brilliantly put.

  3. A calm fire.
    I love it. It’s a paradox and makes perfect sense if you understand it. I felt the angst and the ecstacy at the same time.
    How did you manage writing it?

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