The Anthem Sings Slavery

Before I start; I mean no disrespect to anybody whosoever. I myself am a patriot and have hence been compelled by sinew to write that India’s National Anthem was infact a conspiracy.
           Jana Gana Mana as we all know was composed by the esteemed poet Rabindranath Tagore. The Tagore family; who very often did write extremely patriotic songs and odes for yhe nation were infact never against The British; and were huge patrons of The British. The Tagore family has been known for that.
        Our National Anthem was written in honour of King Henry V when he came to India. Rabindranath composed the song in honour of him when he arrived amd after singing it; fell to his feet. On being pleased, he was thus awarded the nobel prize for this song.
               Now, after we were almost free; the Congress had decided ‘Vande Mataram’ as the National Anthem of India but because The British had bribed a few of the Congressmen, the Anthem after being passed was switched and hence was born an Anthem for a nation so great.
            Obviously, you dont believe me yet. So now pay attention to the words.
“Jana gana mana adhinayak jaya hai
Adhinayak, translasting to the rulers; defines The British saying jaya(victory) May you live long.
“Bharat bhagya vidhata
bhagya means fate. Vidhata; decider. Therefore, O! King, you are the decider of fate of this country.
“Punjab, Sindh, Gujrat, Maratha.
Dravid, Utkal, Banga.
Vindhya, Himachal, Yamuna, Ganga.
Ucchal  jaladhita ranga. Tavashubh name jage, tavashubh aashsisha mangeye. Gahe tava jaya gatha.” 
North, South, East and West. In the high mountains and the low rivers, color(ranga) my land. You know how to make it prosper.  (Tavashubh) and by your name my country awakens. Save my country. We all beesech you (Aashish mangeye) and seek your protection and help.
Jana gana mangal nayak jaya hai, bharat bhagya vidhata
I praise again the Master of the country, you are the decider of Fate.
Jaya hai; jaya hai; jaya hai.
Jaya, jaya, jaya, jaya hai.
May you be victorious and may you reign. May you be pompeos and may you conquor. May you prosper.
                  This was the song composed by Tagore for HenryV during his first visit. It’s a shame how we sing this Anthem of Chains even today.


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