Quintessence Of The Cosmos

                      You have never seen yourself. Never. Only heard of yourself from other people. The only image you have of you is a mirror or a camera and in both; you look a great deal different from what you actually look like. Screens cannot capture how a person actually looks. The way you see yourself is quite different from how you really look. So all you know about yourself is by an idea of how you look and an idea of how you are by just other’s manifestos in an other person’s brain. Stuff that; practically; ceases to even exist! How can you be so sure that you are the truth?
                       Ideas are creations of the brain; things you can’t see. Can’t hold and can’t even sometimes believe. How do you know they exist? How do you know that you exist? How are you so sure you aren’t an illusion; aren’t a mirage? Do you have any reason other than “because i know” or because “…..says so.” “I believe so”?
                      We are made of protons and electrons. Electrons are negatively charged while protons are positive. They rule each other out to the extent of nothing. All that you are; all that your world is; and all that you have ever known; 99.9999 percent of a chance with a scientific theory states that is the truth of you.That’s what we are. Just…an empty nothing.
                      Our world is an empty abyss spiralling into theories and beliefs nowhere.
It’s like blackholes.
Hollow but deep at the same time.
What if we are the truth of a blackhole?
Worlds and beings like us.
We are a Blackhole.
Just a thought.


4 thoughts on “Quintessence Of The Cosmos

  1. This was interesting Krishna, brought back memories of Richard Bach … we should debate the thought of us being a “blackhole” sometime.

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